Tutorial Tuesday - How to Make Fairy Furniture - Fairy Princess Bed

Well, again, my Tutorial Tuesday is a bit late, but when you have kids and a busy family life, sometimes your creative endeavors get put on the back burner.

Anyway, with my 'pot still simmering', I will bring it to front burner now and share how to make a Fairy Princess Bed!

It is very simple and I always use bits and pieces of crafting materials I have in my crazy craft closet.

 Quick Tip-  Re-use those plastic baby wipe containers for crafting scraps!  I have them labeled for ribbon, flowers, beads, stamps, etc.

You will Need:
A small jewelry box with lid
Flowers (Dried or Fake-  I use fake when making something for kids so that it can withstand play)
Hot Glue Gun- I use a high-temp gun, but if you are not used to working with one, use a low-temp gun!
Decorative Paper

1.  First, take your jewelry box lid and cut only one side of it and remove that end.  See photos:

2.  Attach the lid to the box as this forms a tiny headboard.
3.  Measure the decorative paper and cover the inside, bottom, back and sides of the box.  Remember that you will be adding ribbon and flowers, so it is not necessary to totally wrap everything, just cover what you know will show through the ribbon and other decorations.

4.  After adding the paper, just start covering the bed in layers.  I used the ribbon with beads next and wrapped the edge of the bed in the first layer of ribbon.  Then, I started to picture where the flowers should go and put the first ones on.
4.  I decided to add more layers of ribbon and of course, more flowers.  I added the dark green leaf to form a canopy over the bed.  It is attached on the top-underside of the headboard.
5. To brighten up the bed, I attached one more flower and made it orange and yellow.  Then finally I filled the bed with hydrangea blossoms.

And that is it!  A lovely little fairy princess bed for your own fairy princess.

Happy Crafting!