About Me

My name is Sonja Petrik and I support the handmade movement!  :-D
Crafting and sharing what I have learned with others makes my heart happy.  Helping someone discover their hidden creative talents means the world to me.  I firmly believe that everyone is creative, they just have to figure out which artistic medium suits them. 
Creating and working with my hands is a big part of my life, my heart, my being. It is how I express myself and how I show affection (baking with my daughter to showing her how to sugarcraft and making handmade gifts for loved ones).   Exploring the creative world to push my creative abilities (which is sometimes pretty funny) brings me joy.
With a husband and two small kids at home, crafting does not always go as planned, but the spontaneous projects are more fun anyway!
I have two online shops-  allaprimadesigns.com where I sell my handpainted glass creations and allaprimadesigns.etsy.com where I sell my sugarcrafted cake decorations.
Living in beautiful Austin, Texas is amazing for anyone who is creative.  The city itself is filled with talented artists, tons of live music, and natural surroundings provide ample inspiration.
It is my hope that this blog will inspire your creative endeavors and help you learn something amazing and new.