Free Crafting Tutorials!

Every Tuesday I will feature a crafting tutorial- Tutorial Tuesdays.

All of my tutorials are FREE and can be found on youtube, so I could upload unlimited videos and organize them the way I like.  I also include supply lists for you to print out in the corresponding blog post.
So far I have:


How to make sugar ruffles
How to make your own marshmallows- unique flavors!
How to make edible dessert bowls- The Chocolate Tulip
How to make a Wine Bottle Votive- Part 2: Decorating the Bottle
How to make a gorgeous pendant out of polymer clay
How to make a fairy house
How to make homemade essential oil soap
How to make cream puffs
How to create a 'fairy-iffic' tradition- fairy trading cabinets
How to create a succulent plant garden
Christmas Sugar Cookies with Frosting Sheet Images
Thanksgiving Cupcake Toppers
Thanksgiving Pie Edible Image