Deep in the Earth- Natural Bridge Caverns

Valley of the Fallen Lords
"Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time, and leave nothing but well placed footprints." The cave dwellers motto.

I can't stop thinking about a trip we took to Natural Bridge Caverns, just North of San Antonio.  This cave system was formed millions of years ago when Texas was covered by a shallow sea and when that water went away it was an underground river. Through the years, the river when lower and lower into the earth, leaving large cave systems formed of limestone.

It was still hot when we were underground (bummer! we were looking for a way to escape the heat) but it was a magical journey none-the-less.  Cave exploration is fascinating...especially when you think of the crazy dare-devils finding new paths with only a lantern or flashlight.  Personally, I would be way too afraid of snakes or animals crossing my path as I was blindly making my way into an unexplored cave, to do any real exploring, so I am grateful that people back in the 60's did all that work for us!

When I realized the photos turned out so well, I just had to share them with you.  The subtle colors and textures below the earth are so inspiring...I am going to be painting some glasses based on some of the natural elements I saw- yay!  Enjoy the photos. :-D

Top entrance of the main cave, where we make our way down to the lowest point.- Pluto's Anteroom

They called this the Castle of the White Giants

Very deep chamber below us- I wish they had lit it up! They called it Grendel's Canyon .

The deepest part of the cave, photo looking up toward our climb back to the surface.

At the end of the tour, I took more photos looking back down into the caverns.


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