Vintage Image Collage- Thumbelina

I forgot how much I love paper collage. 
Growing up, my grandpa allowed me to cut up all of his old gardening magazines and I COVERED my bedroom in cut-outs of flowers and gardens.  They could not keep enough scotch tape in the house for me. 

Then later, as I mentioned before, I had a secret room under our stairs that I covered in fashion magazine cut outs.  In college my girlfriends and I would have decoupage nights and spend hours covering ugly chairs, table, jewelry boxes,etc in collage.

It has been years since I have done paper collage, but being inspired by a digital collage I saw at Graphics Fairy, I decided to get out my scissors, exact-o knife and my glue stick and go to town.

The crunch of the paper being cut, the slight scent of the adhesive brought it all back. 


Cutting out the random images and mixing them up, arranging them in new ways, creating a new picture is so much fun.   See the door in the mushroom?  My daughter just watched Thumbelina on Fairy Tale Theater so as I looked at all the fun images I found, I was excited to see that story emerge in this collage

Of course, I got my vintage images  from Graphics Fairy.  I used the cover of a decorative accordion file I got a Target 3 years ago for the background (I save all kinds of paper that is pretty).  Find some images and some lovely paper and go for it!

Happy Crafting,