Inspiration - San Antonio Riverwalk

San Antonio, TX is an amazing city with a diverse culture rooted in American, German and Mexican heritages.
We visited the famous Riverwalk last week and it is so incredibly lovely.
If you go, definitely take time to walk the entire Riverwalk or take one of the barge tours.  The great thing about walking the river is that the upper level of the city's downtown is  so accessible for sightseeing or shopping.
After winding around the river for a while looking at trees, plants and even a waterfall, we walked up the amphitheater steps to see La Villita, The Little Village. 

La Villita is San Antoino's very first neighborhood.   It is now an art community and unique shops inhabit old adobe homes and victorian-style homes.  The air was thick with incense and the morning sunlight was soft in the trees.  When the shops are first opening, the little village is quiet and calm...

I wanted to sit right down and start painting, but with two kids along for the ride, that was a no-go, lol.

Still, after getting home, I feel refreshed and inspired.  If you need to get away for inspiration or a place to soak your senses, San Antonio's riverwalk is a fantastic place to go!

I included a ton of pictures just for you...

Happy Crafting,

Hand Painted wooden animals from Oaxaca, Mexico