A new place to find creative inspiration

I am so excited to finally start this blog.
It has been in the back of my mind for quite some time and when I taught a glass painting class a few weeks ago (we had a blast!), I realized that I am happiest when crafting and teaching others how to do something new.

Glass Painting Class at House Wine

I just KNEW that I needed to expand how I teach and inspire others to create and have fun doing it.
The name for this blog came to me as I was trying to sum up what it would encompass.  When you learn a new craft or technique, you usually borrow the teacher's brushstroke or method and use it until you develop your own way of doing things.  You get a feel for the crafting medium and your hands 'learn' how to work it and mold it with practice.
When you fall head-over-heels in love with a particular craft, you eventually find new and exciting ways of doing things.
That is my hope for this blog.  That you would come here to find inspiration and the tutorials you need to get started, borrowing my 'brushstroke' until you find your own!
This blog will include my thoughts, crafting adventures and fantastic links.  It will also provide a wide variety of tutorials and how-to videos- (given a little time) for everything from molding chocolate and decorating cakes to painting glass and making polymer clay jewelry.   Whenever I find something creative or inspiring, it will be posted here here for everyone to enjoy.

Happy Crafting!