Wine Bottle Votives!

I received my glass cutter in the mail today and could not wait to score my first bottle.  Luckily my husband was here to help me with it as scoring glass takes some strength and coordination (both of which I somtimes lack!) and we successfully took the bottoms off of two wine bottles.
After that, I painted them with glass paint.
Now all I have to do is get electric candles to go in them!  Regular candles do NOT work.  They make the bottles extremely hot and when there is nothing to prop the base of the bottle up on, a vacuum is created and the candle will not stay lit.
Anyway, when I get the scoring and breaking technique down, I will upload a video of how to do it.  All you need is a bottle cutter (you barely score the glass as deep cuts make for bad breaks), boiling water and ice cold water.  You do not even need to tap the glass to make it break!  Amazing...totally smooth clean edges and only a tiny bit of sanding is needed.
I can't wait to make more...
This is a great way to reuse old wine bottles!

Happy Crafting!