Darling Upcycled Fairy Vase- Dream, Imagine and Create

Dream.  Imagine. Create.  Three of my most favorite things to do!

If you are crafty and have never visited The Grahics Fairy, definitely go check out her amazing blog full of free vintage images.  That is where I downloaded this ADORABLE little girl.  She could bring a smile to anyone's face.

I upcycled a peanut butter jar for this project. After removing the labels and washing the jar thoroughly, the fairy and the engraving banner were adhered to the glass by using a glass transfer sheet.   I then decorated the rest of the jar with glass paint, adding stars and the words Dream Imagine and Create.  I even put a coat of iridescent blue glass paint over the pasted images to make them shine and protect them. (My Lazertran Ink Jet Printer Transfer Paper finally arrived and I have been going glass transfer crazy. It is fantastic!)

Thick twine was wound around the opening so the vase can hang on a large decorative hook.  It would look great with a candle instead of flowers, but I would remove the twine if I put a candle in the jar.

Anyway, any image can be printed and transferred to glass, metal or wood. I will have a short video tutorial on how to use this crafting product in the next few days.  I bought my paper through Dick Blick Art Supply Store online as I could not find the paper locally.  Lazertran also has transfer paper for fabric!

Woah mama I am excited!

I have discovered that the images transfer well to clean glass and a very flat surface.  If the surface is too round (like a wine glass) or has edges the image would wrap around, it does not adhere as well.  I found that out with the dark pink IKEA vase.  It looks OK, but the edges slightly have lifted off of the glass where it wraps around the sides.  Also I originally had the fairy girl in a larger size, but the image would not adhere to the glass where the glass tapered in toward the opening of the jar. I had to cut the image down.

Also, the Lazertran Ink Jet Transfer sheets are not to be used on items that will be eaten on or handled a lot.  I believe there is another type of transfer sheet for that and I intend to find it...
Happy Crafting!


Lori kindle said...

I love your blog, I felt likely was talking right to me. I so wished we lived closer, we have so much in common and it would be so much fun to do all this stuff together. I love the borrowed brushstroke, it is such an awesome way to teach. I have always told anyone ive ever taught, to do itmyway until they find their own rhythm. Love you dear
Aunt lori

Sonja Petrik said...

Thank you SO MUCH!!! I have always been so inspired by you and everything you make. Your talents are simply amazing. If we lived in the same town we would have the MOST FUN crafting nights. Someday I will move closer...I just know it...I love you very much! xoxo