The Blue Lady Glass Collage - Re-purposed Bottle Bud Vase

Hello Everyone!
After playing around with my glass transfer sheets this weekend, I was happy to discover that YES you can do collage with them!  Joy!!  Butterflies and blue hydrangea were cut out to surround the image of the dancer.

The re-purposed bottle once held a Starbucks latte.
I used 1/4 sheet of glass transfer paper, so this project cost less than $2.00.

I have loved doing collage since I was in middle school and bringing this technique to glass is like a dream come true...lol.  When I was growing up, the tiny room below our staircase, that was supposed to be used for storage, turned into my Secret Room.  The walls and the ceiling were COVERED in magazine cut outs, placed carefully along with quotes and photos of friends.  Those were the days...endless hours of uninterrupted creative flow... 

Anyway, my Tuesday Tutorial will cover this project in detail, including the glass painting.

The Graphics Fairy supplied all of my images.  She has TONS of scanned in vintage photos, postcards, advertisements- perfect for everything from scrapbooking to image transfers on fabric and wood, etc.

If you have never visited Graphics Fairy and you love vintage imagery, definitely go check it out.

You will be glad you did. 

I linked this post to The Graphics Fairy Monday Brag post

Happy Crafting!


Kanelstrand said...

Oh, how beautiful! I am loving your creativity!

Sonja Petrik - The Borrowed Brushstroke said...

Thank you!! :-D

Sonja Petrik - The Borrowed Brushstroke said...

Thank you so much, Ashley! I did a tutorial on how to work with glass transfer paper. It is SO much fun.