Over-The-Top Fairy Lamp

Hi Everyone,

Finally, I put an old purchase to good use.

Do you ever go to garage sales or GoodWill and purchase something you want to fix up?  I sometimes have the habit of purchasing things I know have potential, but then...it takes a while for a plan to form.

This sad lamp called out to me, along with another nice looking lamp, at a furniture store that was having a clearance event. 
One lamp did not need any work (although I really want to transfer some images onto the shade and that will be a cool future project...) but the other lamp was an eye sore.  Functional, but NOT PRETTY.  I love a challenge, so I bought both lamps.  Away I went, my head full of ideas.

Well, like I have said before, I am a terrible procrastinator, so this lamp sat around my house for about a year (my husband was a little bit annoyed) before the light bulb turned on (pardon the pun) with the perfect plan.  ... MuWaHahahaha (crazy crafting laughter)...I realized that my daughter would love a girly, Fairy Lamp in her room!

My kitchen table was occupied by another crafting project, so I set up my work area in my bedroom where my tools could really spread out.  With my trusty hot temp glue gun in hand (I could build a house with a glue gun), lots of ribbon, flowers, vines and fairy images, away we went.  Several types of ribbon were attached to the edges of the shade and then I added flowers.  The fairies are from a fairy activity book, cut out from the cover so that they are sturdy.  The vines and flowers were wound around the base of the lamp in a very whimsical fashion.

Quick Tip-  Whenever I am at the craft store and I see silk flowers or ribbon on sale, I buy them and store them.  My projects are almost always impromptu creations, so I like to keep plenty of supplies on hand.

The lamp is over the top, because, well, why the heck not?  My daughter is 5 and I wanted her to feel like it is a part of her Fairy World set up.  Very soon I will post a tutorial on how to build a fairy house and fairy furniture.

Don't be afraid to breathe new life into an old item and dream big!

Happy Crafting,


Kanelstrand said...

Wonderful job! The lamp looks so romantic now :)

Sonja Petrik - The Borrowed Brushstroke said...

Thank you! Oh how I adore fairies...Norway is full of Elvish lore, is it not? It looks like fairy-land to me.