The Great Outdoors Nursery- Flowers and Inspiration in SoCo

Again, we are experiencing day after day of temperatures over 100 degrees in Austin.  Ugh!  The summer heat is brutal.  However, I found a place to escape the heat and burned grass, finding an oasis in the middle of the city.  I took the kids to The Great Outdoors Nursery in South Austin, on South Congress.  It had wonderful reviews on Yelp and I am so glad we went!
I am always inspired by Nature and color combinations found in flowers and plants.  So the kids were able to run around freely in the shade while I wandered the garden paths and picked out a few lovely things to bring home.
Everyone who was working there was so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.  They even gave us fish food for the Koi fish in their waterfall pond.  They did not mind my wild kiddos one bit!

There is a corner of my flower garden that was totally beat up by the sun (I thought the flowers I planted in the Spring liked FULL SUN, apparently not FULL TEXAS sun...) so I bought drought tolerant plants- Esperanza and several colors of bachelor buttons.  Yay!

If you are in Austin and want to escape the heat and find a calm green space, you will LOVE this place.  It even has a coffee house (with the fabulous South Austin SoCo vibe), so be sure to grab a large iced tea and a snack before heading into the gardens.

I included more pictures of everything we saw at the nursery, just for fun.  Enjoy!

Texas Live Oaks!
Giant wind chimes and hanging baskets
A garden on the roof!
Watch out!  Wild girl coming through!
Feeding the Fish

Fabulous Succulents!