Live in the Messy Moment

Do you love to look at gorgeous magazines?  I certainly do.  My favorites are Southern Living and Country Living.
The photos are beautiful and I find crafting inspiration on almost every page.
At the end of the day, I love to run a hot bath and just look through my magazines...I just lay there and linger over the pages featuring gorgeous, perfect living rooms full of lovely breakable things...floors completely void of toys and mis-matched socks.
Rooms that are full of artwork that matches the curtains, rugs that are clean and without sticky spots, kitchen that have sinks WITHOUT dirty dishes!  Cupboards full of perfectly matching plates, glasses (no pink plastic cups ANYWHERE) and counters that shine.

You know what REALLY gets me?  The crafting rooms that are featured in the magazines full of incredible storage, large working desks, perfect lighting...oh how I would LOVE to have that room.  I just stare and stare at the perfect little zen-like crafting space.

I linger over every perfect page...After a day of caring for my house, playing with my two awesome kids, making dinner, doing endless laundry and picking up the never-ending toy mess-  I linger...those pictures are so different from my life.

Last night, though, I really thought about why I love those magazines so much.  Why do long for that escape?  Well any person staying at home with two kids knows the answer to that!

However, it hit me that those people in the photos either do not have small children living at home OR they made their house perfect and sent the kids away for the weekend before the photo shoot.

I also remembered that this time with my kids is so short in the grand scheme of things.  It will go by in a flash and one day, my house will be perfectly clean- perfectly silent...perhaps then I will look at magazines full of messy rooms, crazy kids, dirty dishes and cluttered counter tops and linger over every cluttered page and wish I could go back...go back to that crazy life of staying at home with two small kids.

Perhaps I will mash some cereal into the carpet and spill some juice on the chair...just to try to recapture the moment of the most trying, exhausting, happiest days of my life.

Oh Lord, please let my kids give me many granchildren!!!