Creative Inspiration- Gruene, Texas

Hello Everyone!

I had an amazing weekend...it was my birthday on Saturday and I decided to go to Gruene, Texas with my family for the afternoon.  Texas summers are HOT, but as long as you have a huge glass of iced tea and lots of shade, it is a lot of fun.

Gruene is a tiny town just north of San Antonio, a few miles from the interstate.   It has a fantastic little historic area full of cute shops, tea rooms, restaurants and antique stores.  It also is home to the oldest dance hall in Texas, Gruene Hall, The Gristmill  restaurant which was a Cotton Gin in the early 1900's and of course, the Guadalupe River. 
They had performers there that day so we could hear the music!

The Gristmill-  YUMMY!

It was busy this weekend and since we had the little ones with us, really shopping for antiques was NOT going to happen.  Especially with my wild man in tow...hahaha...however that did not stop me from at least going into the largest antique store and taking a look around.   My husband took over so I could have a few minutes of peace- what a gift!  This antique store used to be the bank and the post office.  You can see the original vault in the image below.
Emma was upset she could not see inside the vault!

I am so inspired by the architecture in this town, the live oaks, all the charming old things you see there.  Oh, how I love vintage treasures! 

Anyway, if you ever get the chance to float the Guadalupe River and visit Gruene, it is worth the trip.  If you can't make it there, I have attached lots of photos.  I hope they inspire you and transport you, for a moment, to a different time. 
I am inspired to paint and make jewelry every time I visit Gruene. Hopefully this Fall I can set up a booth at their Market Days!!

Happy Crafting!

A section of The Gristmill Restaurant

Walking around town- at night there are lots of lightning bugs!

Another shot of The Gristmill Building

The Gruene Mansion Inn

Driving to the Guadalupe River