Tutorial Tuesdays- How to Make a Sugar Blossom with a Silicone Mold

Happy Tutorial Tuesday Everyone!

As promised, I am doing this week's tutorial on using food grade silicone molds for gumpaste flower creation.  You do not need any special tools for this flower- just gumpaste and a silicone mold.  It is VERY simple and the effect is stunning.


Gumpaste-  I like the Satin Ice brand Gumpaste.  You can get 5lbs for $20.00 . Get it at Global Sugar Art or The Bakers Kitchen.  Sometimes amazon.com has it as well.
Silicone Mold- Food grade!  I really like First Impressions brand of molds. 
Paint brushes
Petal Dust (Luster Dust) by CK Products can be found many places including Global Sugar Art and The Bakers Kitchen.
Food Coloring
Edible Glitter
Rose Extract

1. You do not have to roll out your gumpaste for this type of mold.  Just get some gumpaste in your hands and smooth it out with some shortening so it is nice and soft- no hard areas or ridges- Play-doh consistency.
2. Then press just a bit of your gumpaste into the mold.  Make sure it fits perfectly so that no paste pushes out of the mold.  Smooth the bottom of the flower so it is perfectly flat.
3. Gently remove your flowers from the mold.
4. Let them dry (ideally let them dry completely, but you can color them when they are not dry. They are just more difficult to work with).
5. If you are going to both paint the flowers AND use luster dust or petal dust, make sure that you paint FIRST.  If you dust the flowers and then add rose extract with color, the look with be grainy and muddy.  Ideally you let the rose extract and color dry completely before dusting the flower with petal dust.
6.  Add edible glitter if you like and you are finished.

These blossoms can be clustered on top of cupcakes or put a bit of frosting on the back to adhere them to cakes.  They look very pretty when you set them among green buttercream leaves.

You can watch the video tutorial as well!

Happy Crafting!

Sugar Blossom with a Sugar Ruffle


emily said...

i've got to try this! they are so pretty! wish we could create together :(

Sonja Petrik said...

I want to have a craft night with you!! It will happen someday, I just know it. If you try sugar flowers, please post some pictures as I would love to see them. :-D

Kelly Ann Taylor said...

Wow! I agree....I simply must try this!
Lovely blog; coming over from Sonya's blog, Kanelstrand Organic living!

Nice to meet you!

Sonja Petrik said...

It is so nice to meet you, Kelly! Thank you so much for coming over from Kanelstrand. Her blog is so much fun.
Please let me know if you have any particular tutorial requests.
Have a great day!