New Glass Designs

I am so excited about the new designs for my hand painted glass shop.  I was inspired by all the succulents I have been seeing in home decor stores and magazines.  They are awesome plants that need little care and they thrive in full sun and heat- perfect for a summer like the one we are having here in Texas.

When I lived in Las Cruces, NM I fell in love with the desert.  Coming from the mountains of Wyoming, the heat and lack of greenery was a shock, but as I lived there over the years (I finished high school and got my BS at NMSU) I became entranced with the colors that emerged at sunset, twilight and at night.  The desert comes to LIFE at night.  Every color of the rainbow can be seen.  In fact, in Las Cruces you can see moonbows encircling the moon when it is full; thanks to all the silica in the air from White Sands.  I learned to find vivid color in unexpected places.

I love how nature combines chartreuse, plum, violet, light green, lime green, silver and dark green in these compact plants!  The simplicity of them adds to any table or garden.
Here is the photo from an Outdoor Restoration Hardware catalog that inspired me to go ahead and try this design:

Happy Crafting!