Wyoming on my mind

 When my heart feels restless and my imagination aches to be heard,
this is where I go. 
My hometown of Riverton, Wyoming is small on people and big on landscape.  I have traveled the world, walked along famous foot paths and I live in beautiful Austin, Texas in the middle of the Hill Country, but none of these places form my dreamscapes like the Wind River Valley. 
Standing on the bluffs you can see 100 miles either direction.  The mountains seem to change by the moment and day by day, they move closer or move further off in the distance 
as light and shadow play tricks on the eye.  
The Milky Way gleams above and the waters rush and swirl below.  When you call out to the foothills, your voice never goes unanswered with the wind, coyotes and cottonwood trees close by.
I long for snow at my feet, a blanket around my shoulders and a cup of coffee in my hand with only the mountains before me.