Tutorial Tuesdays- How to Make Fairy Furniture- Bassinet and Gathering Table

We have a little fairy garden in our backyard full of all kinds of flowers.  I planted them as whimsically and free-form as I could and we love the result.  Very magical and oh, so 'very fairy'.

I added some fairy furniture to the garden including a color changing LED lit table!  The table is for the parents and the little bassinet hanging from the leaves of my cannas offers a safe place to keep a sleeping baby fairy since the parents usually stay up dancing all night.  ;-D
You will need:
  • A hot glue gun
  • Glass beads (large and small)
  • A wedding favor tin with a clear plastic lid
  • A large acorn or you can use a tea light candle holder
  • Ribbon
  • A large carnation or multi-petaled flower you can take apart
  • LED light (optional)
Quick Tip-  I get my wedding favor boxes and tins at Michaels craft store using my 40% off coupon.  I can get 25-100 favors for around $10.00 and they are useful for SO many projects!  Jewelry boxes, candy presentation boxes, Christmas ornaments (which I will show you how to do a little later in the year) fairy furniture... 

1.  Heat up your hot glue gun and take out your party favor or wedding favor tin's lid.   Arrange your glass beads on the lid they way you like it.  You are trying to make a glass table top.  Hot glue them into place.
I use a clear plastic lid so the LED light will shine through the glass beads.
2. Take apart your carnation or multi-petaled flower completely.  Do not throw any part of the flower away as we will use it all!  With the two larger layers of petals, hot glue them to the UNDERSIDE of your favor lid.  This will hide the LED light but still allow the light to shine through the top.
Hot glue those petals on the underside.

Turn the lid right-side up, put the LED light in the tin and turn it on.
Set your lid on top of the LED light.  It will not be a tight fit, but will sit well.
3.  Now, for the bassinet.  Take your acorn or tea light (the metal thing that holds the tea light candle) and hot glue ribbon into it so that it can hang on a branch or leaf.  Make sure to NOT use your fingers to secure the ribbon to the hot glue.  Use your scissor blade or popsicle stick or something.  I have burned myself SO MANY TIMES.  ugh...

4. Take the smallest petals from the carnation and hot glue them into the acorn.  Then put a glass bead in the bottom of it and hot glue it in.

5.  Take the long stem from your flower and take the middle sized petals.  Turn the petals upside down so that they look like an umbrella and place them toward the top of the stem.  Take the flower's stamen and hot glue it to the petals so they stay in place.  Glue them from the top as well using other green parts of the flower. Now you have an umbrella!
6.  Find a good place on your acorn to hot glue the umbrella into place. Again, use a popsicle stick or something to hold the umbrella in place while it is adhering to hot glue.
7. And you are finished!  Go put them in your garden and let your kids imaginations run WILD.  :D

Happy Crafting!