Passion Flower Vine

If you ever get the chance to grow a passion flower vine, definitely do it.  It is a tropical plant but can be grown in much milder climates, in zones 6 - 10, and they thrive in full sun to partial shade.  They are invasive, so DEFINITELY plant them in large pots. I bought mine from The Natural Gardener in Austin, TX.  If you are in the area and love plants and flowers, it is definitely worth the visit.

My vine started bearing fruit (Yay!) and I want to make sure I get as much fruit as possible, so I am self pollinating the flowers.  It is so simple to do.  See my video on how to do it.

Passion Flower is gorgeous to look at, smells WONDERFUL in the breeze and the fruit tastes a lot like guava.  You eat the seeds of the fruit by eating them raw, adding them to smoothies or cooking them down and adding them as a filling on a cake or inside cupcakes.

So much of my inspiration comes from nature and flowers, so I definitely wanted to include it here for you to enjoy.  I believe gardening is a type of crafting since you work with your hands and it takes talent to really have a green thumb.  I wish mine was greener, but I am working on it!  Like many creative endeavors, gardening is an adventure.

Happy Crafting!


emily said...

my mom just got one of these while we were in riverton!!!! it is absolutely gorgeous!!! hers is covered in blossoms. i would love to see you do a sugar craft replica of a passion flower... it would be amazing!

Sonja Petrik said...

Emily, I thought the EXACT same thing and I have been mapping out how I would create a sugar passion flower. When I have it figured out, I will do a tutorial on it! xo