An Explosion of Creative Energy

Some people ask me how I find the time to do all the different crafts and projects I have going on.  I am running a hand painted glass business, a sugarcrafting business and I am doing this blog, on top of all the other projects and gifts I create for loved ones.

The answer is simple.

I find the time to do these things because at one time, not so long ago, I was in the corporate world where there was nothing to look forward to but the NEXT BIG SALE.  THE NEXT BIG CONTRACT and I was only as good as my next quota.  Yes, I was in sales. I was darn good at it too, but...

Sometimes I would get home and immediately get in a hot bath and cry.  I know that sounds ridiculous and childish, but I did.
I felt like a part of my heart was dying.  I would watch Office Space and think, "I have to quit!  I have to get out of here!  I have to do something else!"  But I never did.  I felt like I would be wasting my college degree and wasting years spent 'paying my dues'.

My husband could always tell when I needed to create something but could not find the time to do it.  One night he brought home a big bottle of red wine and a large canvas and said, "Honey, it is time for you to paint."
I would cram in last minute projects to get my creative fix, but it never fully satisfied my desire to make beautiful things.

It was hard to create something lovely when I felt like crap.  I had so many expectations to live up to, so many dreams, so much stuff that in the long run, does NOT matter.
Thankfully, my daughter was born and I could not find it in myself to go back to work.  I just could not leave her for a job I hated! 
I kissed the corporate world good-bye, OK, it was not a kiss, it was more like a KICK and I started my new life.  Free of expectations from anyone but my husband and my daughter to be a great mom.

It was so liberating!!

And now that my kids are a bit older and more self-sufficient I can finally really CREATE.  Once I got started, I could not stop.  Years of pent up creativity are now pouring out and I am learning so many new things.

I have no idea if I will be any kind of success at this.  I have no clue if I will gain any sort of fame for what I do, but that does not matter. 

My heart is finally happy and when I take hot baths, it is to relax and recharge for my next creative adventure.
No more tears!

Happy Crafting!